Safe Masks For Public

Face Masks Are Becoming Common Place, and Safe Masks For Public Are Available For Everyone.

The New York Times recently released a piece titled “A User's Guide to Face Masks” to spread awareness about safe masks for public and to give lessons about how to properly wear them. These are lessons only medical professionals or the immune-compromised used to receive yet now, they are needing to be taught to the masses to increase protection. There are guidelines for putting the mask on, removing it without contamination, and even DIY tips for making homemade masks if you are crafty. The world certainly has changed in the past few months. We are changing with it and making our medical masks available as safe masks for public use with ease of ordering various amounts and fast shipping.
Masks for the public should be like masks used in a medical setting these days because the virus we are currently dealing with is so easily spreadable. Our safe masks for public are of high quality materials with additional anti-microbial properties added to kill any germs that do land upon the fabric. They are comfortable and easy to wear and to remove. They appear stylish in a sleek black design that fits according to safety standards, and most importantly, they are safe masks for public use time after time as long as you wash them between use.
Our safe masks can be washed after use by safely removing the mask by touching only the straps and placing it directly in warm soapy water or the washing machine. If you are in your car have a designated zip lock bag to put your mask in until you can drop it in the washer without touching it again. Once the mask is off and in a safe location, wash your hands with warm sudsy water for the duration of your ABCs three times, then dry them on a clean towel. You may want to change your outfit and wash your face as well depending on how crowded it was and if you were actually around anyone with a confirmed case. During these times, it is a good idea to leave your shoes at the door and be cautious about touching the souls of them. The virus can live on hard surfaces for hours, and in some cases days if the environment is right. These steps will help keep the virus out of your home. Because the virus dies with the use of soap a run through the washer with detergent is enough to safely wear your mask again, be sure to dry it fully before use and if you like you can iron it gently.

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