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Our Mask Packs are Available in Bundles.

The need for mask bundles is clear as many people are ordering enough masks to share with their neighborhood, employees, church congregation, students, and other groups. It is no wonder why because this act of giving does not only benefit the recipient, it benefits the giver as well with an increased bubble of safety. The buzz word herd immunity is going around the news circuits right now. This means if enough healthy people get an illness they will form a bubble of immunity around the elderly and immune-compromised. It is often applied to the idea of getting a flu vaccine each year so those who can, can protect those who cannot. Researchers do not know yet if herd immunity can be applied to COVID 19 and in the few studies, they have found it seems that the more people who get the virus the more the system is flooded with patients needing treatment. And they also do not know if the virus can be caught twice but it looks like it can at this point.
Even countries that are applying the “herd immunity mentality” still recommend face masks in public and social distancing of 6 feet. It is always better to be safe until we better understand exactly what we are dealing with. We have quality mask packs for sale in bundles of mask packs to use at your discretion. You can share them with the community around you to try to make a bubble of safety, or you can make sure at least your family is always wearing protection. However, you choose to protect yourself and yours is up to you. We are just happy that so many people are doing their duty for safety.

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