Our goal is to support our community and those who are less fortunate. We are giving away masks to those who do not have access to one for any financial or medical mask medical. If you are one of them, feel free to fill the application below, and tell us in four or five sentences why you need a mask. If you are considered a candidate, we will love to ship you a mask to you completely free. We will cover all the shipping expenses as well. 

Why do you need to fill a form?

We need your information to ship your mask & we also want to assure our masks are going to those who need it the most.


Help us make an impact! 

When you purchase one of our masks, you are helping us support our community of less fortunate brothers and sisters. Help us support them and give them the help they need. Today is your neighbor, tomorrow that neighbor might be you. Lets spread our love together in this crisis.

If you know of anyone who is in need of a mask. Copy the link below and send it to them, so they can fill an application to receive a mask

Shipping & Returns


Louisville KY, 

United States 40241

Feel free to contact us at:

Tel: (502) 289-6275

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