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The Secure Mask Provides Effective Easy to Breath Masks For Your Comfort and Protection.

Our cotton polyester masks are made with US Cotton, Polyester, and Spandex (DTY) in multi layers for maximum comfort, breath-ability, and of course protection. In addition to these layers, the cotton is treated with anti-microbial material that reduces the chance of live viruses living if they do touch the mask. Our anti droplet mask materials protect you from easily inhaling other's germs but also protects all those around you as well. The CDC wants everyone to wear masks in public during the outbreak, not just for the wearer's personal protection but because of the fact that by wearing the mask they are protecting others. You can be infected with a virus and spread it without knowing it, including the Covid-19 strain. This means everyone, even if they feel fine, should wear a mask to protect others and themselves.
You can do your part to slow the spread and save lives with our easy to breathe masks. Our cotton-polyester masks look great, feel great, and many people report that they are easier to breathe through than other available masks. If you have been hesitant to wear a mask because you feel confined or that you cannot easily breathe, try our anti droplet mask to see if our brand of easy to breathe masks offer you the comfort you desire. Breathing through an anti droplet mask does literally what the name indicates, it stops droplets of virus ridden saliva from reaching your face or from leaving the mask and reaching others. A single sneeze from a virus carrier can quickly reach most people in an area if no one has a mask on. This is one of the ways the virus spreads so easily.
Remember that these washable masks can be reused over and over again. Be sure to keep your hands off of the mask as you wear it, and remove it by touching only the straps in the back immediately, place it in the wash and go wash your hands, face, and change your clothes. When the mask has been washed with warm or hot soapy water it should not be placed in the dry but hung out to dry. Do not wear it until it is fully dry though. You can iron the mask for shape and further sterilization. Remember that the mask only protects you if you wear it correctly, practice proper handwashing, and remove it with proper protocol. If you have any questions about washing, drying, wearing or removing our masks we will be happy to answer them.

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