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The Secure Mask Provides The Best Double Layer Masks For Your Needs.

There is still so much that researchers and scientists are learning about this new Corona strain labeled COVID 19. You may get CDC recommendations to wear masks one week and another you may be told that you may not be fully protected by them, while yet another week the information is that they drastically slow the spread. The reasons for this are simple, this virus is not yet understood fully, and wearing masks in public is entirely new to the American public, including CDC researchers. The latest information states that wearing a mask will reduce the overall spread of the virus and that it provides a layer of protection for the wearer but more protection for the other people around the wearer. The more people who take the time to wear a mask, the less exposure there will be for all. Many states mandate the use of a mask in public and many stores have mask-wearing requirements for customers. This is not about the restriction of rights, it is about saving lives and it is an easy thing to do when you look at the stakes.
COVID19 may simply present as a flu that makes you feel miserable for a week or so but you recover and it becomes a memory. This is true for a majority of the cases, they wish they never got it but they healed and life moved on. However, there is a portion that the virus is able to affect entirely differently. These people end up in a coma, on a respirator, fighting for their lives and the truth is when it gets to that point, too many do not make it. You do not know if you fall on the spectrum of not being affected but carrying COVID19, having mild symptoms and treating at home, or full hospitalization and worse. It is worse on the elderly and immune-compromised but healthy young people are also falling on the bad end of the spectrum. Wearing a mask can reduce suffering for you and for others. It is a simple choice.
If more people wear masks the level of safety will increase, but another side effect of more people taking the time to cover up is the fact that even more people will follow suit. It is human nature not to want to be the only one doing something, if you wear your mask you may give others the confidence they need to put on a mask too. Who knows even when this dangerous virus is past mask-wearing during flu season may be a new trend in fashion with the side effect of reducing annual flu cases and increasing the health and longevity of immune-compromised individuals. Order the best protective masks for you with our double layer masks and medical masks in our selection of best protective masks available.

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