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The Secure Mask Allows You To Safely Buy Masks Online.

Are you looking for a resource to buy masks online that has quality supplies in stock in a variety of sizes and types? Check out our inventory at The Secure Mask, we are your protective mask shop online. We offer family packs of five, individual options of three masks, and even bulk orders of various sizes. These masks are comfortable, washable, sleek, and can drastically increase public safety when worn correctly and often. You can be a part of the movement to reduce the number of infected in our country by always wearing protection when you have to leave your home, and of course, staying home as much as possible.

You can buy masks in bulk for your medical facility, employees, or customers to help slow the spread of infection. Our washable masks stand out from the rest because of our blend of materials and quality construction. The masks are made of US Cotton, Polyester, and Spandex (DTY). Our masks are breathable, yet comfortable. They are easy to put on and wear without adjusting and easy to remove safely without cross-contamination and wash. Our masks can be reused after this pandemic if something like this happens again, during flu season, while painting inside your home, during renovations, or for a million other things. Each time you use them, be sure to wash and iron them to have a clean mask readily available as needed.

The good news that Covid-19 is not viable in the air for long is great for humanity, but it is not the whole story. It may not exist in the air around us for long, but it does travel through the air and stay in the air long enough for people standing closer than 6 feet to transmit it by coughing and even breathing if they are close enough. When the virus does settle it may not be airborne anymore but it can still be transmitted via touch on surfaces where it landed and even the floor and the bottom of shoes. One study showed that the virus can actually live on the bottom of the shoe long enough to make it into a person's home at the end of the day. If everyone wears a mask the infected droplets will stay near the infected person when they breathe and cough and the chances of inhaling another person's virus are greatly reduced. We urge you to wear your mask even if you do not have symptoms to protect yourself and others. We urge you to practice awareness at every level of your life during this time. It may seem silly to wipe down your groceries after a trip to the grocery store, but if the store was crowded in an area with high infection rates you may very well be cleaning COVID off of your canned goods. These extra measures will not be permanent but every reasonable step we can take to protect ourselves and our families is not too much to do for a while.