Best Protective Masks

What Properties Should You Look For While Shopping For the Best Protective Masks?

Now that production has increased, and there is a greater understanding of the virus we are dealing with, more people are looking for the best protective masks for themselves and their loved ones as they venture back into the public.
Here are a few tips for choosing the best protective masks:

  • Multilayered A quality mask will have more than one layer to halt the possibility of small particles of virus getting in or out. Many masks offer three.

  • Breathable If you cannot comfortably breathe, you will not wear the mask and it is effectively useless. You may feel a bit warm underneath it but you should be able to breathe easily.

  • Comfortable A quality mask should be comfortable, not just to feel nice but because if it is uncomfortable you will end up touching it to adjust it and that may lead to a reduction in its effectiveness. So comfort does matter as you choose your protective mask.

A side note, a quality mask should also look nice. It is human nature to want to look nice, clean, and attractive. A mask may meet all the safety standards but look off and that may reduce the chances of many people keeping it on. The more qualities a mask has that makes it easy for a person to wear daily, the safer it will be.
If you have any questions about ordering your first box of protective masks from us at The Secure Mask, feel free to ask. We strive to provide quality masks to the public that they will feel comfortable and safe with. Our masks meet all properties the CDC recommends for safety and we urge you to wear them when in public until this Pandemic has come to an end.

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