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We carry quality anti germ, anti bacterial, and anti microbial masks to keep you and yours safe. As a company, we are proud to serve the community with antibacterial mask products and supplies to keep businesses, medical facilities, and families safe. Our anti microbial mask is not just anti microbial because it is a physical barrier against germs, it also has layers of additional measures to protect you as you wear it. This is one of the reasons why our masks stand out compared to others.

We stand out because of our multi layers of protection. The cotton we use is treated with a product that contains anti-microbial properties called Silvadur. This means that contaminants that actually make it to the mask will not thrive there on the surface and will have a significantly less risk of contaminating your hands and the air when you remove the mask. (This does not mean to reduce your safe mask removal, laundering, and handwashing protocol though.) You should even check your shoes at the door and spray them with disinfectant if you can because you can carry it home on the souls. Silvadur is safe to wear against your skin and to breathe through fabric treated with it. The tests done on the product used several times the amount that is typically used in a fabric face mask and the results were good with no irritation or disturbance to the wearer in the least. A much smaller, yet effective amount of the Silvadur is used to increase the safety of the masks available so you can have no worries about the safety of the antibacterial mask you wear.

If you cannot afford a mask we are committed to halting the spread by giving away a mask to those who cannot afford one. Fill out our form and we will send you a quality mask for free. We are all in this together and one person's actions can drastically affect (infect) others. Do not hesitate to reach out for your mask to slow the spread and reduce your own family's risk. If you do buy a five-pack, three-pack, or bulk order of anti germ masks keep in mind that sharing with your friends and neighbors will only protect you further. The more people who wear protection the better it works so share freely to protect yourself and those you care about.

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