Adjustable Masks

You Can Buy Adjustable Masks to Increase Comfort.

Comfort and safety are what you get when you buy single masks at The Secure Mask. Our masks offer everything you need to feel comfortable as you venture out into public and they meet or exceed CDC guidelines for safety and protection. We ship out your order on the very day it is placed as long as it is before four in the evening because we understand how vital our product is, and how quickly many of our clients need the inventory. You can buy single masks, several in a bundle, or even bulk adjustable masks to suit your needs and keep you and those around you protected to the maximum level. Remember that sharing masks increases your own protection in the long run.
How do adjustable masks work? Many people ask this because they know that you should not touch your face, hair, or mask once it is on until time to properly remove it. So how do adjustments work? An adjustable mask is designed to fit all sizes of heads comfortably but to only be adjusted when you first put it on. Make sure that your mask is the right fit and adjusted appropriately before you enter into the public and leave it alone until you properly take it off to put it in the wash and wash your hands with warm soapy water for the set amount of time recommended to kill the current virus. The guideline to not touch the mask is so if you do have the virus on the outside of the mask it does not come in contact with your hands and spread from there, and so if you have the virus on your hands you are not putting it on the edges or straight up against the mask. These guidelines have been researched to reduce your own chances of infection if you are in a virus saturated area. Put in your order today to upgrade your protection and enjoy the comfort of cotton blend adjustable masks with anti-microbial properties to keep you safe when you venture out into public.

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